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Community sponsorships and partnerships

At Synergy, we believe our role is to support the development of those communities in which we operate.  Synergy works with local organisations to benefit communities, businesses and individuals between Kalbarri in the north, Kalgoorlie in the east and Albany in the south. Please refer to our sponsorship and community investment guidelines.

You can apply for funding using the button below. 


Please read the following points before beginning your application:

  • This site is a form designed to help Synergy better assess your sponsorship request. Please take the time to populate and review all of the fields prior to finalising the submission.
  • We have included helpful commentary throughout the form to support you as you fill in the application.
  • You may view, edit and delete your application at any time via your account.
  • Synergy will respond to applicants within six (6) weeks of submission.
  • Submission which sit uncompleted for three (3) months or greater will be deleted.

We look forward to hearing from you.


You are welcome to email [email protected] if you have any questions prior to your application submission. Please note application received via email will not be reviewed.